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Elizabeth Homan "Refining Your Portrait Studio" 
Elizabeth knows what it takes to have a successful photography business and she plans on sharing all of that information with you during this class. Here is just a small sampling of what she will discuss:

• Environmental Lighting • Posing Individuals and Families • Composing for the Wall Portrait • Selling Wall Portraits and Albums • Increasing your Sales Averages • Marketing for high end clientele • Pricing for Profit • Destination Portraits

Elizabeth and Trey been through it all, failures and successes, throughout their 28 year career and hope that their experiences will help you take your photography business to the next level. Be prepared for a ton of inspiration, ideas and laughs in this jam-packed class!

Shannon Squires "Fine Art Photography - Start to Finish" 

During this program students can expect to learn Shannons Fine art process from start to finish. Class will start with a shooting demonstration on the preferred lighting techniques for creating her award winning art. After the demonstration Students will go over the post production process that gives Shannon her signature look.

Shannon started art at a young age and discovered a passion for photography in high school where she started shooting on film. After high school Shannon received a scholarship to The Art Institute of Seattle. After 2.5 years in Seattle, she graduated with an associate degree in commercial photography. After taking a 6-year break from photography to be a makeup artist. Shannon returned to her original love of photography, jumpstarting her business in 2010. Once she found a PPA affiliate Shannon started to compete in image competitions. On her second year of entering at the national level Shannon won the 1st place Grand Imaging Award in the Children photography category for the Professional Photographers of America in 2019. Shannon won once again in 2021 taking 1st place in the Children category, 3rd place in Photographic open, and the overall Grand Imaging Award for all of IPC. Shannon loves to teach and share her long journey with peers, and can be found teaching both online and in person around the country through various other forums.

Pete Rezac "How to Stand Out and Be Recognizable"

In a world where everyone uses essentially the same cameras, lenses, and lighting - it's important to not only be good but to stand out for the crowd. What makes you different than the person sitting next to you? What makes you different than the guy putting this program on? What makes you unique that clients want to work with you vs anyone else? I'll share with you what I have worked on since day one of my photographic career on keeping me in my lane, how I've resisted the urge to be just like someone else, and ideas on the little things that can make you memorable and stand out. Like all my programs I love to keep them interactive and have found this provides the best benefit for you and those attending the program. So please bring questions and let's have a great time together

We are always looking for talented people to share with our group. If you are interested in presenting to our group at PhotoFest or other events, please complete the following applications.  Speaker Application

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