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Amber Damour "Painterly Storytelling Imagery" 

In this workshop, Amber Damour will dive deep into how to create unique storytelling painterly portraits. She will guide you through the conception of an idea and how to exercise your creative muscles to bring that idea to life through intricate post processing. For outdoor portraiture, she will discuss how to find the right natural and available light to suit your subject matter as well as camera settings and lens choices to help create the correct canvas for painterly images. We will also discuss studio portraits & lighting techniques with a hands-on portion where you all will have the opportunity to photograph beautiful models & sets. From there, she will move through advanced skin retouching, background adjustments, color grading, painterly touches, adding depth & dimension to your images and more to bring your final imagery to life.

Scott Detweiler "The Creative Process" 

Together we will explore my creative process, from idea to completion. I talk about my approach to lighting, storytelling, and final production. Since the advent of AI on the scene, much of this has recently adapted to this new technology and it has streamlined some of my process as well as introduced a lot of new client sales opportunities. We will spend our time together looking at how I tie all of this together to build a successful fine art offering. Most of my work is now commercial photography, retouching, boudoir, fine-art, and 3D modeling photography. I also do corporate headshots, catalog, and magazine work but love the occasional commission for something much more artistic.

Deanna Duncan "Elevate Your Landscapes"

Landscape Photography is a beautiful blend of science and artistry. Sometimes there can be frustration when what you see in your lens is not what you see on the back of your camera. That's when you start with the science and develop your artistry. From concept to capture to creation, this class is a deep dive into the craft of landscape photography. The foundation comes with composition. Learn the spoken and unspoken rules of scale, color and design. Layer this with the the tools of the landscape photographer and gain understanding of how each one can affect the outcome. Sometimes our own bad habits are sabotaging our success. When you dive into the foundational elements, it can uncover these and ease countless frustrations. Then, skyrocket your images to the next level with step-by-step post processing techniques in a live demonstration. Learn to transform ordinary images into extraordinary works of art. If love nature or want to take your landscapes to the next level, this class is for you.

We are always looking for talented people to share with our group. If you are interested in presenting to our group at PhotoFest or other events, please complete the following applications.  Speaker Application

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