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Jan 10th "Print Competition isn’t as scary as you think" with Mark McCall

  • Monday, January 10, 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • 4ORE Golf. 6909 Marsha Sharp Fwy, Lubbock, TX 79407


  • FREE For Members
  • West Texas Photographers meeting are FREE for first time guest. We look forward to seeing you there.
  • If you have attended before and are not a Member of West Texas Photographers (SPPPA) the fee is $15/ meeting

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Jan 10th "Print Competition isn’t as scary as you think" with Mark McCall

This lighthearted and entertaining program illustrates the ins and outs of print competition, and what you can do to score merits and Imaging Excellence Awards regularly. Mark’s humorous teaching style will educate and entertain!

"What are the Judges looking for"?  How many times have you caught yourself saying that?
This program will show you exactly what Jurors are looking for. Even better, show you what will get dinged so you can avoid them. Jurors use 12 Elements when judging your image, but did you know that 3 of them are more important than the other 9? Concentrate on 3 Elements instead of 12 to get those higher scores.

You'll leave with the knowledge and confidence to get those print merits...and get them regularly. Learn the tricks and the thought process Mark brings to each competition, and take advantage of the same things yourself! Information is the most valuable commodity on earth. Leave this program with tools you need to succeed

You'll learn:

  • #1 thing that drives a score down, and how to stop doing it!
  • One type of image almost always merits. Find out what it is and how to create it. Better yet, find out how to get others to pay for it.
  • Learn to see competition images the way a Juror sees them.
  • See the completely new 12 Element List!, placed in the order that Jurors mentally apply the Elements to your images.  
    This one item will be worth the trip!
  • Storytelling goes a long way. Learn to tell or create a story within your image that can make a less-than-perfect image score much higher. Storytelling is listed as #12 on the list of 12 Elements your being judged on but Mark has it ranked #2 in order of importance!!!   Find out how to emphasize the story in your image and see the true order of how the human brain reacts to each element.
  • Two subjects are usually better than one, find out why.
  • See Mark's SECRET WEAPON he uses in many of his competition works.
  • See the Juror's Charge, the video every Juror must watch before sitting on a panel.
  • Learn what the Jurors can say during a competition, and more importantly, what they can’t say.
  • Entering client work vs shooting for competition. Which is better? The answer may surprise you.
  • Why do images score differently at different competitions? You’ll leave with a complete understanding of why this happens.
Mark McCall is an award winning commercial & event photographer/speaker based in W. Texas. Mark's funny, whimsical approach when speaking to photography crowds is just as entertaining as it is informative. In business since 2016 McCall's, and later HallMark Professional Portraits, has become the most awarded studio in W. Texas. Mark received his first camera at the tender age of 8 years old, a gift from his grandmother for her purchase of mail order makeup. Formative years were spent riding his bike and horse through Horseshoe Canyon, just north of his hometown of Slaton, Tx, snapping photos of ranch life, wild horses, and native Americans. Farm neighbors began to ask Mark to photograph their families and as word grew, so did Mark's love of anything photographic. Besides photography, Mark enjoys tinkering in his garage, working on his electric '39 Ford pickup, fishing and yard work.
Mark wrote the TPPA Print Competition Guide Book and is the author of the “Did You Know” series online and has over 100 print merits, and 25 Loan Images in his merit report. He was awarded the 2017 National Award by PPA.

*Meal is an extra fee and optional.

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